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37. video

Sep. 12th, 2011 | 01:49 pm

[The woman - girl, perhaps - on the feed bears a startling resemblance to Aureln Dawnstrike, a similarity impossible to ignore for those who know her. However, the differences are enough that she could be a sister. With her blonde hair loose around her shoulders, shoulders free of heavy plate armour, she looks smaller, more delicate. Look a little closer, and you'll note her brow lacks that characteristic frown. Her very skin seems different - she's radiant in an ethereal, almost alien way.

And her eyes, likely the most noticable difference of all, are not venom green. Instead, they're a bright, clear blue.

She looks inquisitive at her displacement, more than anything else. Her lips quirk into a scowl, but it's a thoughtful, curious expression. Nervousness flits across her expression and she turns the rowan crown in her hands, studying it.]

What druidic thing is this? [She half-smiles, placing it aside - but not far from hand. Looking around herself, she reaches for the communicator, hand obscuring the camera as she looks it over, examines it with a careful, but unknowing eye. Skeptical, she taps it on the temple step before she comes into view again.]

And this... The dwarves? Some tinkering of theirs? [She sighs suddenly, as if admonishing herself, and stands, lifting crown and communicator both. There's a knife at her belt, but that's the only hint of her usual attire about her.]

Corvellan? Where is... [The Quel'dorei trails off to a mutter, tucking the communicator in her pocket and switching it off in the process.]

((All responses will be from the journal eversinging!))

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36. video

Sep. 4th, 2011 | 05:42 pm

[There's a clatter. Bouncing off a rock, the video feed comes on, showing a blur of grey and brown for a moment before settling on a view of the cloudy sky.

That is, until Aureln tumbles backwards, almost falling on the device. A shadow falls over her, over the screen, and the baobhan sith is quick to pin one of the paladin's arms. The position of the communicator makes it seem as if it's you and not Aureln that the creature is bearing down on, long fingers flexing, dagger-like nails gleaming in the light.

It also makes it difficult to really see the fight. Aureln is struggling, that much is clear. She breaks her arm free, throws a punch that snaps the baobhan sith's head back, but the fae is unrelenting and redoubles her attack, a hand placed over Aureln's face, holding her flat against the ground, whilst the other moves, nails poised at her throat and pushing down, disappearing from the feed.

There's a strangled gasp and the baobhan sith grins, heedless of the camera. Aureln claws up blindly, swipes at her face, and then one of her arms drops, breath coming in a shuddering, high, thin hiss.

The nails of the fae can be seen, long as they are, a crimson colour slowly spreading up towards her fingers. She giggles, dodges another punch, and digs another nail into Aureln's throat for her troubles.

Her smile is airy and beautiful, until Aureln's other hand comes up, smacking her in the side of her head with a link of iron.

There's an unearthly shriek, a sound that would curdle the blood, and the fae scrambles back, gasping as if burned. Her form disappears as she turns and flees from the metal Aureln is still holding, the paladin now pulling herself up onto her knees.

Her free hand is clamped over her throat, scarlet seeping between her ashen-pale fingers. She looks woozy, light-headed - casting the communicator a glance, she frowns, but says nothing. She's having difficulty enough breathing, the sound wet and thick.

With a flash of light, she heals herself. The effect isn't immediate - when she eventually moves her hand away from her throat, however, the wound appears to have closed.

Sitting back, she lifts the communicator with a bloodied hand and holds up her link of iron.]
] And that's - [Swallowing, her voice is hoarse.] - why you need one of these.

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35. [audio]

Aug. 17th, 2011 | 06:24 pm

Everyone, listen to me! [Aureln is running, and above her footsteps it's in her voice, her breathing a little ragged, her armour ringing. Her voice is raised, a terse bark.]

There's a dragon attacking the place - a frostwyrm, and an immensely powerful one! If you're no fighter, you need to get to safety! If you can fight - we'll need you out here!

She'll attack you with her claws and her tail, but it's her ice you have to watch out for! We need to take her down quickly before she ruins the place and everyone in it!

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34. [DREAM; fears]

Jul. 23rd, 2011 | 09:18 pm

(Prose or action tags are welcome!)

Go back to sleep. Go back to sleep, and it will be over.Collapse )

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33. [video]

Jul. 6th, 2011 | 04:21 pm

Before this weekend is through, I mean to go to the mountains to find more iron. As usual, you’re welcome to join me – you don’t need to be able to mine, but a strong arm would help. Better yet, you can help keep the ogres back. They’ve been particularly vicious these past few months.

With Viola missing we’ve no blacksmith whatsoever, but I can shape the rods we need. That ought to keep some chimneys clear, at least.

I’ll need some to make more links, too. The rest can be stored for edging weapons and the like. If we get someone capable, that is.

Still, the invitation’s there. Bear in mind that it’ll likely take the best part of a day.

[She pauses, somewhat awkwardly.]

That aside - how is everyone doing?

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32. [video]

May. 21st, 2011 | 09:11 pm

[The camera is propped up on a ledge so that Aureln can eye it as she works, placing the saddle on the back of one of the horses kept in the stable. She sighs.]

So long I've been stuck here, my battles - frozen in time. Frozen. Hah. Excuse the pun. [Her tone is sardonic, as is her smile. She shakes her head and continues saddling up.] At least they're still waiting for me. I shouldn't be complaining.

[She moves to exchange the harness for a bridle, then glances at the camera again whilst buckling straps.]

How long have the longest been here for, anyway? Many of us have left and returned, and that...

[Might mean we're stuck here.

But she doesn't say that, just smiles minutely and hops up into the saddle, reaching over for the device. Her voice turns airier.]

It's been a while since I rode my horse. I wonder where the beasts are, anyway.

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31. [video] eilidh has no suitable icons for this

Apr. 24th, 2011 | 11:04 pm

[Aureln might not be recognisable at first. All that can be seen are her ears and a fall of loose blonde hair, for her head is currently hidden in her arms. Her shoulders are shaking - she is, in fact, giggling. It takes a few moments of this before she manages to straighten up, but the effect of her appearance is rather different than it usually is. Between the giggle, the light dress she's wearing, and the pink blush bright on her cheeks, she looks positively girlish.

The giggle tapers off into a snigger and she seems to notice the communicator is running. She eyes it with partially-feigned shock and throws her hands into the air.]

HAPPY NOBLEGARDEN! Spring, finally, has come in all its glory - the sun! The sun is back, isn't it beautiful?

[To let everyone share in this delight, she picks up the device and points the camera up at the blue sky for a few moments. Dizzyingly, she drops it back onto the ground with an airy sigh, stretching her legs out and wiggling her bare feet.]

Ahh - isn't it nice, even having a day, where we don't have to worry about everything? No undead wandering around the place, no fae getting under our feet, no dragons crying out to us -

[Her voice changing, she sits up and waves her arms again, as if trying to look bigger. Her voice takes on a new tone, and she is careful to enunciate every syllable in as ridiculous a way as possible.]

I have opened a portal into the dreeeeeeam! Your salvation lieees within, heroes!

[This impersonation done, she flops back down onto the ground with another contented little laugh. When she sits up again to eye the camera, she has a leaf in her hair. Her voice turns serious, but there's still laughter threatening there.]

We should dance. I think it's the day for it, don't you?

[And without another word she's on her feet and springing away from the communicator, though forgets to leave it running. She can be heard muttering something about it being too long, and then there's another laugh, and the feed is forgotten.]

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30. [video]

Mar. 10th, 2011 | 06:37 pm

Well, our master blacksmith has taken it upon himself to wander off. [She tuts, shaking her head.] How like him. And when I get back he'll probably just see it as something he can rub in my face.

[There's a distracted sort of tone to her voice as she walks, as if it's half to herself. She shakes her head and addresses the camera more directly.]

It was mostly copper we were able to bring back. But there were five bars of pure iron just - lying there! And the ogres are feeling particularly vicious, for some reason - they're straying quite far, too. I'd be careful, were I heading north.

[Which she is.]

Now. I've a beast to wrangle.

[She moves the communicator to focus on a rocky outcrop, high above.

A pair of huge white wings beat at the air.

There's a white dragon perched there.

The camera flicks back to Aur's face.

She's smiling.

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29. [video]

Mar. 3rd, 2011 | 06:14 am

[sup Demeleier. Aureln's been keeping a low profile lately - judging by the deep orange glow giving most of the light in the shot, she's presumably in the forge.]

It seems we've attracted more new residents lately.

You'll have been told about the beneficial properties of iron, I'm sure. It aids in warding off and harming those fae that would do us harm.

[Her hand comes into view. She's holding up what looks like a single link from a chain, about two inches long.]

If you haven't taken one yet, come to the forge and get one of these. You'd do well to carry it with you at all times.

Aside from that, I'll be going into the mountains next week to mine what I can. Who wants to join me?

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28. [audio]

Jan. 29th, 2011 | 01:40 pm

[Have a very tired sounding elf. She also sounds pretty grumpy, but it's been channelled into wry humour.]

Ugh. I'd block up the hearth if I felt it would do any good. If I'm not being attacked I'm being prodded or just looked at.

[Aureln lives alone and does not appreciate the faery company.]

Does anyone know how to stave off the damned things?

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